Weekly Portfolio Update: Keeping Quiet Before The “Freight Train” Starts

Dear Fellow Investors,

It has been a quiet week for trading, and the reasons are pretty obvious. 

If you saw Tuesday’s sharp rise in volatility and listened to me talk about negative momentum on Thursday, you know I’m going to manage my risk and hold cash.

I know there is a deep desire to actively trade, but putting September behind us was important. 

Now comes the real storm. 

Yesterday, multiple global freight shipping companies announced that the international supply chains are under extreme duress. I’m serious when I say that people should buy their Christmas presents now and get paper supplies by mid-month. 

Freight costs have gone up seven-fold from China to the United States on some lines. Costco is renting its own ships. Nike and McCormick – despite high demand – can’t get products across the seas. 

We’re going to take advantage of Atlas Air Worldwide (AAWW) on Monday. I don’t want to enter a position and hold it over the weekend after the recent downturns to start the week. 

We’re also going to be moving on Skechers (SKX), which looks like the breakdown is going to come to an end very soon.

I discuss this and more in my video below. I also offer an update on the current portfolio and how we plan to start deploying cash.

Finally, I always invite your feedback. Please shoot me a note at

Have a good weekend,

Garrett Baldwin

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