Weekly Portfolio Update: Holding The Line on Quadruple Witching Day

Dear Fellow Investors,

It’s Quadruple Witching Day, and I’m breaking down what this means and how it impacts your money in the video below.

Listen, things are going to be choppy today. This is one of the most volatile days in the market all year. So, we maintain our discipline and we build on cash to ensure we can deploy it next week.

I’ve been quite happy with our recent big gains, particularly in Cameco Corporation (CCJ). We walked away with gains north of 100% thanks to the wave of speculation around uranium.

And we took those gains and put the money into the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust (SRUUF). We already have gains there. Shares are off a tad this morning, but we did make some nice gains from calling the bottom around $12.50 per share. I’m confident that this trust will hit $20 if uranium prices continue to climb. 

I’m going to keep things simple today. I want you to watch the video. In there, I talk about every stock and options trade we have. It’s really important that you listen to this insight because we’re going to be VERY active over the next two weeks of September. 

I’m also looking at new trades for Tuesday morning as I expect all this week’s volatility to calm down and create some special trades.

So, check out the video below. I can’t wait for your feedback. Email me here:

Have a good weekend, 

Garrett Baldwin

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