Weekly Portfolio Update 08/13/2021

Good Morning Fellow Investor,

On Wednesday, I returned from my trip to Germany after a wonderful journey and time with my colleague Dr. Gregor Bauer. 

During my trip, I was very cautious about introducing any new trades. I wanted to ensure that there were no major surprises. 

Momentum has been negative in the broader market. We still have about 52% of total U.S. stocks trading under their 52-day moving average. We will identify growth and breakout opportunities in the S&P 500 universe. But I really want to find the best potential breakout stocks in stocks with market caps under $4 billion.

Yesterday, however, we made two trades in Apollo Endosurgery (APEN) and Zynga (ZNGA). Both remain a buy with a tight trailing stop of 7%.

We are looking for APEN to surge thanks to strong insider buying from its CFO. In addition, we are expecting a reversion for Zynga and expect a retracement back to the $9.00 level. If you haven’t made these trades, check out the latest updates in the member section of the site. 

Meanwhile, Co-Diagnostics (CODX) is breaking out today. 

Shares have climbed as much as 16% today after the diagnostics firm reported strong earnings. With the Delta variant of COVID-19 now spreading at a breakneck pace across the U.S., testing will be a massive requirement moving forward. Schools are about to return in the weeks ahead. It is so bad here in Florida, that my daughter’s doctors have advised us to not send her to school for at least two months (she has asthma and had COVID in May). 

I think there is significantly more upside on tap for CODX.

Finally, it has been quiet for MarineMax (HZO). As I explain in the video, there is a significant amount of consolidation for this stock. We’re waiting for the breakout to come at any time. My price target remains $65. 

In the video, I discuss our portfolio and a few macroeconomic events that are important today. I’m keeping a close eye on geopolitical conflicts in the Middle East and uncertainty in the oil and alternative energy markets. These will be critical to price trends in a number of different sectors in the future. I am starting to get more bullish on lithium, and will be looking at a way to play that trade as soon as Tuesday. 

I’ll be back with Monday’s watch list over the weekend. And look for a possible trade as soon as Sunday night. 

Enjoy your day,

Garrett Baldwin

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